Puppetry is one of the oldest art forms in the world! Everyone loves puppets...no matter their age, income, background or culture...there is something for everyone to like! Some people enjoy the live theatre aspect. Some people like the complexity of a marionette. Others may enjoy the manipulation of a hand or rod puppet. Some like variety puppet shows while others like a traditional story....some love to watch new puppeteers on the internet....or join a local puppet group! Peppy Puppet Troupe wants to help you experience the art of puppetry! If you find that you too, want to be a puppeteer....call us and we can assist you! 314-805-5492
Peppy Puppet Troupe puppeteers are members of the Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis & Puppeteers of   America. Both organizations have reasonable membership fees and give you the opportunity for training from professional puppeteers. The Puppeteers of America have Bi-Annual Festivals around the United States. They also offer Junior Memberships and Scholarships. In addition, PuppetFest MidWest is an Annual Puppet Festival conducted in Trenton, Missouri. Nationally recognized puppeteers conduct puppet classes in all aspects of puppetry.
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Workshop Information
Peppy Puppet Troupe can teach you or your students how to build your very own puppet! Call us for details regarding our puppet building workshops. Workshop puppets can be very simple to more complex. Call us for more information:               314-805-5492

Puppets may be a child's first exposure to theatre.
Puppets are for kids of all ages!!
Puppets help imaginations grow....
Our cat is a puppet!